AGGRIP® is an intervention program to treat and prevent aggression in institutional settings for mentally challenged individuals. Unlike physical intervention such as "control and restraint" the program respects and tries to understand the physical and emotional condition of the aggressive resident and therefore suggests non-violent intervention strategies.

As a humanistic oriented program AGGRIP® is founded in both depth psychological and behavioral theory. It intends to serve the caretaker most involved in everyday care and confronted with aggressive residents in institutions. Simultaneously it serves the life quality of mentally challenged residents by respecting their dignity and helping them to find other pathways to communication than aggression.

The program is based on individual oriented techniques that focus on changing the environmental conditions within the institution: The modules aim at large at the “relational environment”, i.e. communicative and thoughtful relationship and action between caretaker and aggressive resident.

Finally the program systematically implements Empirical Regulative Cycles by the means of interventions in order to protect the caretaker and the resident during and after incidents – thereby reducing the application of sedative medical and physical intervention.

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